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  • Roxanne Stilwill

Social Distancing

If this is true, I can't wait to see what our lives hold for us next. I believe we have all been thrown out of our comfort zones the last couple weeks and now everyone is trying to figure out their new norms.

Anytime we are out of our comfort zones, our initial reaction is "I don't like this." That's completely understandable, but something amazing happens when we come to accept our new surroundings. When we realize "I cannot change my circumstances," we learn to adapt and work with what we are given. Some people might take longer to accept change than others. That's ok.

Since we have begun our "Social Distancing" and schools have closed, we are starting to get creative on how we spend our days. Knowing that the family might get a little antsy, I set up some coloring books, activity books, colored pencils and markers on the breakfast table for anyone who needs something else to do. We have started playing cards and board games. The kids are coming out of their rooms and communicating more. We've watched more movies together. Individually, we are finding different ways to entertain ourselves. My daughter taught herself how to play the guitar.

If you think about it, we seem to have done a lot in just the last week and a half so I can only imagine what will evolve from all of this. I am looking forward to seeing what businesses arise and what online resources will become available, what people will come up with. We are intelligent and innovative, especially when we start thinking out of the box.

Most importantly, I have seen people come together in this time of uncertainty. I have seen a shift in the "Me" mentality to "How can we help each other?" It is extremely encouraging and enlightening to witness this and great for our kids to see this as well. Use this time to check up on your friends and family and make sure they are doing ok.

These circumstances are temporary and it will eventually pass. Through all of this, I know we will come out better and stronger in the end. My hope is that everyone will continue to come together in our time of physical separation. We are stronger as "One."

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